If It Floats It's A Boat


Cartoon 4

Benefits for the Boat Owner

  • A buddy or buddys with whom to share the workload, running expenses and perhaps the pleasures of boating with.
  • A buddy that can take care of that job you have been putting off.
  • A buddy that can pay that bill on your behalf.
  • A buddy to help you maintain the boat at no expense.
  • A buddy that you can go boating with.

Benefits for the Boat Buddy

  • An opportunity to go boating without the capital outlay needed to own a boat and the associated ongoing costs of ownership.
  • No costly hire charges.
  • A great arrangement for buddys with limited time to go boating by making a sensible financial contribution to a boat owner.
  • A great arrangement for those buddys with lots of time/skills to go boating by helping the boat owner out.

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