If It Floats It's A Boat

The Concept

The purpose of this site is to introduce Boat Owners and Boat Buddys to each other. There is nothing new in this, but it is hard to achieve by word of mouth, or by notices posted on club boards etc., and advertising is expensive.

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It is a sad fact that most boats spend virtually all of the year in marinas. Some owners have plenty of time, money and friends to go out with, but they are in the minority. Most of us are limited by work and family commitments and need to do most of our own maintenance, to keeps costs down; but avoiding boatyard costs further reduces time on the boat.

Ownership of even the most modest boat can be daunting, the initial capital outlay, marina charges, maintenance, insurance etc. etc. Hire can be an alternative, but it is expensive and really aimed at groups, who can share the costs.

What inspired this site, is the author's personal experience, as a boat owner, a boat shareholder, boat hirer and latterly a Boat Buddy. See my story in the about us pages.

Throughout the site we have referred to coastal and inland waterways boat activity as boating. This is our preferred term, to avoid differentiation between sailing and power boating. We believe, as Ratty said to Mole, “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half as much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

Although we all have our preferences for the type of boat, all are welcome.

There are two distinctive schemes or a combination of both, that will bring some very real benefits for both Boat Owners and Boat Buddys.

They are not an alternative to boat hire.

They are not a boat share scheme, as the owner retains 100% ownership.

They are not a timeshare arrangement as such.

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