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Skills / Experience

  • Padi Open Water


18 years old

Date of Birth: 1 Jul 2000


My name is Callum, I’m 17 and currently a student at sixth form college. For the past year, I have become interested in sailing. It amazes me how a boat can give you so much freedom and the ability to explore the world of open oceans. I have not had any opportunities to step on board any kind of sailing yacht and feel just stepping on one would open a whole new world of opportunities to me.

I would be extremely grateful for any kind of sailing experience and in return, I would be more than happy to clean, cook or do any other chores on the boat. I currently live in Winchester (15 minutes from Southampton) but would be willing to travel anywhere within a 40-mile radius. I would also be willing to travel further if the journey passe through/finishes within a the 40-mile radius. Unfortunately, I am quite a busy person with full time college and weekend activates. I am not free on Sundays and only every other Saturday.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if any sailing dates collide with these times as I may be able to work on an alternate day. I would also be around most school holidays.


On again, I would be extremely grateful for any kind of sailing experience and look forward to any possible opportunities.


Thank you for reading my profile