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Ian Bennett



Skills / Experience

  • 12 Years Owner/ Trailed Launcher
  • Comp Crew,rya Essential Navigation&seamanship,first Aid
  • Engine Maintenance And Repair
  • Experience On Thames
  • Experienced Inland Waterways Skipper. Practical Person And Have Been Called A Perfectionist.
  • I Am Rnli Medical Trained, Defib, Sea Survival Qualified, Advanced Boat Handling Experienced (towing And The Like) With Rya Pb Level 2, Comp Crew To Day Skipper Experienced On Navigation Etc.


49 years old

Date of Birth: 17 Nov 1968

My Name is Ian, thanks for looking at my profile.  I've joined Boat Buddys to meet some like minded people, help out where I can and get more experience and share costs/work on board.    My experience on boats runs from TallShips Caribean crusing on Challenger 4, owning a water ski boat for 11 years, (albeit not used for sking more day trips with kids), Now owning what looks like a Boston Whaler Cat C fastfisher,  most inportantly I am (semi retired) RNLI crew 2nd seat (mechanic) on E class lifeboats (River Thames). 

I am RNLI medical trained, defib, sea survival qualified, advanced boat handling experienced (towing and the like) with RYA PB level 2, Comp crew to day skipper experienced on navigation etc.

I still have a lot to learn and I dont not over estimate my abiliites or under estimte safety or the consquences. 

I have a great SoH, easy to get on with and not scared of hard work & getting dirty.  Eastern crusing area is closest but I'm open and looking for south East/West relocation work wise soon so anywhere is good.  on a sabatical from work so anytime crusing UK or EU is a good idea and easy to schedule.  My life goal is to cruise the French canals and to circumvent the UK and Auz by sail and waste my kids inheritants by spending way to much on a boat of any shape or form. 

I look forward to hearing from happy crews soon, on my own boat or on yours.  available on email or telephone