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Dale Todd



Skills / Experience


    62 years old

    Date of Birth: 20 Nov 1958

    I have a lot of experience but over a long period of time, so that much of it is in the far recesses of my brain!  And other than a dinghy certificate from 40 years ago and a Sunsail/Greek Maritime certificate from 30 years ago that says I’m qualified to sail the Queen Mary, no certificates.

    • I own two dinghies, berthed at Littleton SC.  But recently have sailed them maybe three times a year.

    • Done 3 Sunsail/Neilson flotillas in Greece – two about 35 years ago and one four years ago.  Joint skipper on the latest one, with my son who has an ICC.

    • Done maybe 5 shore-based Sunsail/Neilson holidays over the years

    • Perhaps 35 years ago, crewed quite regularly all year round for a chap who had a Catfisher in the Solent.

    • Various other occasional big boat crewing experiences with friends, acquaintances and Boat Buddies (3-4 last year) including coming 4th out of 42 in a Cowes week race a few years back (though I take no credit)

    I live just south of Guildford and am retired, so have pretty flexible availability.  And I’m a fair weather sailor, not finding much attraction in taking 20 minutes to untie a knot in a winter storm with frozen fingers, although I’m from Scotland, so not so bothered about summer rain.

    Dale Todd