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Jon Yates


South England

Skills / Experience

  • Coastal And Day Skipper.


42 years old

Date of Birth: 19 Jan 1979


This lockdown has been a testing time for many, but it looks like the doors are finally opening and the art of rigging the sails can begin. Great! I'm looking to help crew day/weekend passages as well as crossings and part legs that are available. I am qualified to Coastal Skipper level and looking to take my Yachtmaster in the Summer. 

Easy going, attentive and hard working, I always try to apply myself once aboard. I am happy to do any jobs and help out on any maintenance if needed. I don't have a yacht but I do live on a narrowboat and have done for 11 years. I enjoy working on 12V systems but my passion is in sailing, and I woiuld like to build more sea miles and become better equipped to determine passage conditions. 

I have a car and can travel to most destinations, within reason, along the South Coast of the UK. 

Look forward to meeting new crew and enjoying time spent out at sea.