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Karl Badham


South Cornwall/Plymouth

Skills / Experience

  • Boat Building
  • Boat Maintenance
  • Day Skipper Cert & Class 2 Powerboating.
  • First Aid
  • Frp Repair
  • Good Egg And Snappy Dresser
  • Marine Engineer
  • Pickled Egg Juggling
  • Years Of Coastal Sailing, Cross Channel Experience From A While Ago.


50 years old

Date of Birth: 11 Sep 1969


I am an ex Royal Navy marine engineer with a passion for all things boaty and I am hoping to be able to help someone maintain and sail their yacht. I love to sail but I also enjoy just working on boats. I was an enthusiastic sailor in my youth and clocked up thousands of sea miles all over Northern Europe but gave it up when I went to sea professionally. Having retired from the Navy I have built 2 boats and regularly sail my cruising dinghy in open water but I now have a hankering to get back out on some bigger boats and maybe become an owner in a few years. I recently re-qualified as a Day Skipper to knock some of the rust off my big boat skills and essentially I want to share some time helping out a real-life boat owner so I can get back into big boats for the joy of it but also learn a bit about the realities of actual ownership while I save up to take the plunge. I am a work hard, sail easy kind of chap and I am happy to offer time and experience for the alongside maintenance stuff. I have done most jobs on boats from basic rigging to a full re-engine, from interior carpentry to major hull repairs and a smidge of electrics.  Of course, I would love the opportunity to crew from time to time too. I am more than happy to share the load on a longer trip or just help out as a safe spare hand for someone taking  non-sailing guests out for a day. Just being around boats and the sea and like minded folk is where I am at. Hope to meet someone like-minded.