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Hampshire UK

Skills / Experience

  • 10 Years Nursing Skills
  • Good Cook
  • Host For Dinner Parties
  • I Have Part Owned A Boat In The Past
  • It Skill
  • Knowledge Of Wine And Wine Service
  • Sewing
  • Shopping And Money Handling
  • Silver Service Dinner Trained
  • Some Sailing Experience
  • St. Johns Trained
  • Worked On River Craft Thames And Canals
  • Worked On Yaht During Cannes Film Festival


2020 years old

Date of Birth: 1 Mar 0000

Hello I need to update my sailing skills and do some Buddying as I would like to get my own Boat. In the past I part owned a Catamoran which I loved and sailed a bit in the mediteranian where our Boat was moored. I have since worked on Cruise ships, River Craft and fancy Yahts in the South of France but I have Not sailed Now for around 12 years and really miss the sea and sailing. I am a good Basic Cook, I have sewing skills and I am very friendly and love to socialise I also know what wine is served with witch food and I make a cracking Breakfast. I am looking round at the moment for a Boat of my own I also have some Nursing and first Aid skills.