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John Roberts



Skills / Experience

  • Certificate Of Competency 1999
  • Competent Crew 1993
  • First Aid 1999
  • First Aid 2004
  • Professional Cook
  • Refresher Day Skipper Course Cert. 2013
  • Vhf 1995
  • Yacht Master Theory 2003
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Course 2007
  • Yachtmaster Theory 1994


60 - 64 years old

Hello.  Been sailing for over 20 years.  Owned 3 boats, refurbished 2.  Sailed in Australia, Mediterranean. Biscay, Irish Sea, South Coast UK, Channel Islands.

Crewed on many boats from 27ft to 55ft.  Sailed across Biscay 3 times, Iles of Scilly and Channel Islands numerous times. Willing to offer non contribution sailing tuition on your own boat.

Living in Cornwall.