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Peter Stratton


kent, united kingdom

Skills / Experience

  • A Willingness To Learn
  • Willingness To Muck In And Stand A Watch When Required


29 years old

Date of Birth: 10 Jan 1991



I'm currently looking to gain experience within the world of sailing. I'm not gonna lie I don't have the best knowledge of it all but I'm willing and wanting to learn. I want to know the in's and out of sailing, from the sail's to the water below them and everything in between. I do drive so I can travel up or down the country to meet up, and I do currently work so I would need to know a few weeks in advance to take the time off.

I hoping someone out there that would let me sail with them for a weekend or a few days, or maybe even let me chip in if you're restoring a sailboat. Someone that has a little bit of patience and some time to teach me all they know.

Money is a bit of a sore subject though, I don't have the hundreds of pounds that classes and lessons want to be able to learn, and to be fair sitting at a desk and writing all day doesn't appeal to me either. I would rather get hands-on, going home with a few rope burns, knocks, and bruises is what it's all about.


My dream is to get a 30ft bluewater fixer-upper cruiser one day to sail to the Med and spend the rest of my days maintaining my boat and fixing others to earn enough cash to send me to my next destination.

I have a real passion for fish and coral reefs, and there's only so much of that I can squeeze into my home. So there's a real drive to one day be able to just hop off my boat into clear blue waters and swim with a ray or two while exploring the unseen reefs of the world.

Thanks :)