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Kate Addison



Skills / Experience

  • Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Theory, Radio Licence, Stcws


36 years old

Date of Birth: 22 Aug 1983

I love boats!  Small boats to sailing ships, especially anything wooden, gaff rigged and pretty.  Happy to help out with maintenance, cleaning cooking etc, as much as the actual sailing.  Just moved back down near Poole to help out the parents for a while, want to make the most of being near the coast by getting out on the water if I can. Work full time but available most weekends/holidays.   Fair bit of experience sailing coastal & offshore on square riggers, as well as a bit of yachting (Channel, W.Scotland, Med) and rowing/sailing small boats.  As happy beating up channel in a blow as sunset g&ts on a snug mooring.  Happy to share costs.