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Sean Edwards



Skills / Experience

  • Rya Day Skipper Theory And Practical With Tide
  • Rya Level 1 Sailing


51 years old

Hello. I am Day Skipper qualified but with limited experience and interested in trying to get some time out sailing, for day trips initially. Working traditional full-time hours means I am more available at weekends but could look at taking some holiday. That means I am interested in Scheme 1 of financial contribution but hopefully and maybe more interestingly, for a skipper & boat needing an extra hand to get out more. I would say I am quite relaxed and easy going – a view often shared by my wife and children, who have just pushed off for university thus also giving me a modicum more time. Being based in Sevenoaks the natural area of interest would be Chatham/Medway but happy to look at other options I can reach. Non-smoker.