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Oxfordshire, UK

Skills / Experience

  • Day Skipper
  • Power Boat L2


32 years old

Date of Birth: 1 Jan 1989

Looking to buy a boat and possibly form a syndicate of ownership, preferably with someone with similar age, interests, skill level and desire for learning. Later goal is for extended cruising.

Sailing for a few years, mostly racing on other people's boats, quite a bit of offshore racing, lots of experience working as professional crew on motor yachts.

Engineer / software background, handy and motivated.

Get in touch if you like the idea of buying a boat this winter or next, fixing it up and doing some channel sailing and maybe racing over the next year or two then further afield. If nothing else I'd be keen to charter a boat for a long weekend to get some time in.

Flexible in terms of location, but South Coast most likely.