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Neil Webb



Skills / Experience

  • British Subaqua Club Advanced Diver
  • Comp Crew, Day And Coastal Skipper With Some Mechanical And Carpentry Skills.
  • Day Skipper And Quite Of Bit Of Practical Experience, Over The Years.
  • Dinghy Sailing
  • Diy Hand Skills
  • Engine Maintenance And Repair
  • Engineer
  • First Aid
  • General Repair And Maintenance


60 years old

Date of Birth: 26 Jan 1961

I have loved water sports all my life , I was a keen diver for many years while in the Air Force gaining advanced driver qual and diving all over the world.  I sailboarded , dinghy sailing laser 1/2 and then got into yacht sailing in the Solent gaining my day skipper qual Sailing a Victoria 34. I started going towards my coastal skipper but work got in the way.  Now I am semi retired and available Thursday to Sunday and beyond. I am keen to get on the water again offshore/ coastal and shake out the cobwebs.  I am very practical and fix most things rather than replace.   I am looking for hands on experience with the ultimate view to buying or owning a share of  a yacht.  Travel to a south shore port no issue but would prefer 2 days plus sailing to make the travel worth while.