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Robin Klaver

Robin Klaver

Dear people,
I am Robin. Originally i am Dutch but the past 2,5 years I have been living in Scotland. I am looking forward to picking up on my sailing again. I have sailed most of my live started on dingy 's in primary school moving on to be a yacht instructor for several years in the Netherla...

Aberdeen - 34 years old - 28 Aug 2020 18:36

Sarah Dummer-Wade

Competent crew, main experience gained as volunteer with youth sailing trust. Enthusiastic and keen to learn. No particular skills (except in the galley) but willing to work in exchange for crew experience

Dorset / South Coast - 58 years old - 24 Aug 2020 22:36

Colin Thomas

I live in Chester.I have a Colvic Searover 28 in Watermouth Harbour North Devon.

Watermouth Harbour - 63 years old - 22 Aug 2020 10:22

Julia Green

I have been sailing on and off all my life; dinghies and cruisers. My main trip was post university but then work and family came along. ( I am a 58 year old solicitor). I am a member of Topsham Sailing club and did my dayskipper theory early this year. I was due to do the practical at Easter but it...

Exeter - 58 years old - 15 Aug 2020 07:51

John Ramsay

I am semi-retired, having run a Chartered Building Company for 29 years. I am sociable and have a GSOH. My log at the time I am writing this, has 74 days mostly as skipper of yachts on non-tidal waters, my wife has crewed with me for the majority of that. I am looking to develop knowledge on English...

Warlingham Surrey - 63 years old - 10 Aug 2020 20:52

Christopher Deutschmann

I have grown up around power boats and the sea.  I have done some sailing over the years but never gained a formal qualification.  I havd now done my Competent Crew and looking for opportunities to sharpen my sailing skills before doing day skipper practical.  Also havd a valid VHF DS...

Maidenhead - 48 years old - 10 Aug 2020 20:38

Richard Powell-Cullingford

Just to say, I am an ex Yacht delivery Captain missing the sea and yachts in general. I was a proffessional Mariner and sailed all my life since age 5, have taught Navigation to many sailors in my time, I am not so agile as I used to be but still love to be sailing!!!

Eastbourne East Sussex - 74 years old - 7 Aug 2020 11:03

Jo Shill

Jo Shill

Hello....I’m an enthusiastic late comer to sailing and have just completed Competent Crew down here in Plymouth. I’m desperate to get some cruising hours under my belt to sharpen my helming skills in particular so if anyone needs crew please give me a shout. Happy to travel to get to whe...

Plymouth - 54 years old - 6 Aug 2020 21:57

Krzysztof Kumon

Krzysztof Kumon

I have been in England now for a number of years and have been working in boat bulding industry  in order to improve my English Language skill.     I am a qualified yacht skipper and to date I have overseen nine independent cruises both inshore and open sea covering variety of ex...

Plymouth , England, United Kingdom - 48 years old - 6 Aug 2020 20:35

Nicholas Loxton

Nicholas Loxton

I'm looking for a cruising boat owner who needs a consistent/reliable crew or 1st mate.

I'm retired, fit, healthy, organised, practical, easy going  have common sense, decent sense of humour and a wide range of intersts.

Qualified to Day Skipper level, sailed thousands of ...

South Coast - 69 years old - 5 Aug 2020 14:13

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