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Southerly sailing from Chichester


Chichester Marina

Skills / Experience Needed

    I have owned my Southerly 100 for 17 years and enjoyed sharing my experiences with a number of others. Some knew nothing of sailing when I first met them, but got the bug and one has gone on to own a sailing school, and another to own a small charter company. Sailing can be infectious. I am retired so mostly enjoy week day outings so as to avoid the crowds of weekenders. The boat is based in Chichester Marina so on poor weather days we can still have a good sail to parts of Chichester harbour. It has a lifting keel so tidal restictions are kept to minimum. We usually sail all year round. The boat is like its owner, elderly, but has a good selection of toys on board.One of our trips was featured in the February 2015 edition of Practical Boat Owner. I would welcome being contacted to if you would like to join in any of our trips.

    Date Added: 8 Sep 2017 18:02