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Sailing out of Poole


Moored on the River Frome, Poole, Dorset

Skills / Experience Needed

    Sailing from Poole to different locations and for different durations, e.g. IOW, South West coast, Cornwall, Ireland, France.

    Any other activities if interested, e.g. fishing, snorkelling, diving (I have an Open Water qualification but haven't dived much and would need to get some new equipment).

    Helping out if desired, e.g. learning to beach boat.

    I took my Offshore Yachtmaster at Hamble school in 2010. I purchased an ocean-going classic Vertue in 2014 and renamed her Natural Selection. I have spent 2 years fitting her out and learning about her. I started single-handed sailing her a year ago but need a crew to sail overnight further afield.

    I am a retired maths textbook author, born 1955.

    I represent the HumanistsUK in West Sussex and set up groups in Chichester and Horsham. I have several not-for-profit writing projects in hand.

    Other interests include DIY, tree climbing, films.

    Date Added: 5 Nov 2017 18:07