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43 Ft Fast Ocean Cruising Yacht - (Custom) in Portsmouth Harbour


Portsmouth Harbour

Skills / Experience Needed

  • Cleaning
  • Diy, Mending, Adapting, Engineering (basic Tools) General Maintenance
  • Engine Maintenance And Repair
  • Wood Repair


We are a family - husband / wife and three children, who own a unique 43 foot ocean cruising yacht. I am an ex Royal Naval Seaman Officer, Business Person and Bestselling Non-Fiction Author / Speaker / Consultant with an interest in making the world a better place.

We had her designed and built and even sold our house to pay for her. All our wedding presents were things for the yacht. One day we’d like to take her on an extensive world cruise.

She was designed for general purpose sailing including ocean / round the world cruising. In the first year, we sailed across Biscay to San Sebastian in Spain and in 1998, we got sponsorship and had her shipped to Cape Town where we raced 1700 miles / 11 days to the tiny and remote Island of St Helena in the South Atlantic. Dame Ellen MacArthur was the first person to sign the visitor’s book and said: “WOW what a beautiful seaworthy boat”. She actually did quite a lot of work on the boat and was a Boat Buddy, including antifouling against the piles at Warsash on the Hamble.

She was built out of wood. Canadian yellow cedar – strip planked over attractive laminated mahogany frames, with two diagonal mahogany veneers, sheathed in glass/filler with a painted hull. The decks are plywood with teak. She was designed – light displacement with a long waterline length and actually has two massive seawater ballasts tanks under the side decks, where 1.2 tonnes of water can be pumped from side to side (use is optional and not essential).  She is 7 berth (6 comfortably) in two double cabins and two saloon berths and two heads. The yacht has a blown hot air heater and also a Dickinson diesel heater which has a flickering flame and operates a bit like an aga.

As a family we were badly affected by the financial crisis and only just managed to keep the boat and money is still tight. Since owning the boat, we’ve gone through a number of refits and upgrades and at one time had her professionally repainted.

Just before my Dad died he said he wanted to pay to have the yacht fixed up, so we could spend quality time on it as a family. We hired two people, one to do the mechanical and electrical stuff who did a great job and one to do all the woodworking things, who basically ran off with the money. It was heartbreaking and happened in the midst of my Dad getting seriously ill and then dying.

Since then, we have really struggled with both money to pay anyone else and not having the skills to be able to do everything ourselves, and have been struggling with work/family commitments.

Part of what the boats needs is TLC, she needs a jolly good clean / antifoul and sort out. On the positive side the sails are all repaired and we have lots of materials and equipment e.g. brand new sail cover, new gas fittings, epoxy, teak planks, antifoul, new batteries, other spares etc.

On the negative side, there are repairs needed, mostly relating to timber / plywood. There is a leaking window that has rotted some of the plywood mounting, a leaking main hatch that needs repairing, and two stanchion bases where the plywood desks under needs to be repairs with the teak planks. The calorifier under the sink was taken out to repair other timber, but needs putting back, the heater needs reconnecting, the rudder bearing is super stiff and needs replacing. The guardrails need replacing, the running rigging needs replacing. The engine works well but is overheating, I think due to a replaced skin fitting which has a front edge scoop that I think is acting like a vacuum pump. The hull needs to be cleaned and polished and the paintwork touched up and eventually completely repainted.

The boat is normally moored on a swinging mooring in Portsmouth Harbour. At the moment she is on a mid-river pontoon in Haslar Creek for the winter.  We access it via a free ferry boat service with the Royal Naval Sailing Association from the Naval Base – Fort Blockhouse or via dinghy launched from Hardway.

We’d love to find a Boat Buddy / Boating Buddies who’d enjoy the boat as much as we do. We understand that any arrangement has to be mutually beneficial. We are open to discuss all possibilities.

It would be lovely to come up with a plan where the boat could be fixed up and used next year.

Perhaps you have:

  1. Woodworking Skills?
  2. General Maintenance and Repair Skills?
  3. Engineering skills to sort out the rudder?
  4. Plumbing skills to put the sink / calorifier / heating plumbing back together.
  5. Skills to service the engine?
  6. Money to contribute in return for use?
  7. Cleaning / organising skills?

Perhaps you live locally and would enjoy tending the boat and keeping her in good order?

Perhaps you’d enjoy doing delivery sails with me when the boat is fixed up or doing weekend or even longer sails together?

Perhaps you’d enjoy adventurous cruises abroad where you have the boat and sail some legs on your own?

Perhaps you’d enjoy working on the boat together.

Perhaps you have money to contribute to pay someone else to do the repairs?

We seek a harmonious, friendly relationship, where what is contributed / received is never disputed.

At the moment we only insure third party. If you have sole use, then fully comprehensive insurance would probably be needed. At some point soon the rigging will probably need to be replaced to ensure mast cover.

Our dream is to bring the yacht to higher and higher standards and to upgrade everything and to cosmetically repair the yacht so she looks like almost showroom condition, with everything beautifully and carefully maintained on an ongoing basis. One day it would be nice to do more blue ocean cruising, but that is a way off.

In a world of sameness, it is fun to be on a unique boat that turns heads.

We’d love to hear from all potential boat buddies who’d be interested and have something to contribute in return for use / involvement. The boat needs to be a non-smoking boat. All ideas, options, enthusiasm and suggestions would be extremely gratefully received.

Please feel free to call me, Jonathan 0787 33 33 0 33 or email me jonathan@jonathanblain.com .

If I have one concern, it would be that you put effort in, but we don’t get the boat into a usable state and you feel disappointed. It would be better if you were involved in ensuring that the boat is brought into a usable state and therefore I don’t have to carry the weight of responsibility for possible disappointment. It would be better if you could be involved in looking at what needs to be done. In the first instance lets have a chat and then perhaps we can meet up on the boat. If you’ve got money, another alternative is to pay someone to do everything that needs to be done.

She’s a good looking boat, a real thoroughbred, designed by Ed Dubois. In a reasonable breeze on a reach, she’ll quite easily sail at double-digit speeds. With a 6 ft draft she can get into most nice places. The keel is lead with a bulb.

One last thought. If you are the perfect Boat Buddy and live on the South Coast, there is a possibility we could base the yacht near you, either temporarily or maybe even permanently.

Thank you for reading my post.

Kindest regards,


Date Added: 30 Dec 2018 10:43