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First Impulse, Beneteau First 285, Solent


Gosport, Solent

Skills / Experience Needed

  • 25 Yard Swimming Certificate, Or Better
  • Some Knowledge Of Solent Sailing Area

Hi peoples :)

First Impulse is moored up at Royal Clarence marina in Gosport. Usualy she's short crewed by myself and the missus and quite often I take her out solo.

Upshot of that is that the 'go faster' toys (cruising chute and spinnaker) rarely get used and we put quite tight limits on how far we will sail her.

Our ideal sailing buddy(ies) would have better knowledge than we do of the Solent area. (That shouldn't be hard as ours is virtualy zero, mind.)

Quite frankly anyone with their own ideas as to where our boat should/could go on any given day would be a welcome bonus for us.

Also both she who must obeyed and myself are, with the sole exception of my radio licence, entirely self taught sailors. Anyone doing/with any form of formal training who could use a boat to practice on would, in return for sharing their knowledge with us, be very welcome too.

On that theme, are there any racers out there who would trade some race knowledge in return for a boat to get a few extra practise sessions on? That would be great as well.

And a bit more about the boat herself:

First Impulse is equipped with main radio, spare radio, AIS, distress flares, liferaft, and a collection of MoB devices including a modified mainsheet set up that allows the boom to be used as a recovery crane. She has bow to stern safety lines and a full set of safety harnesses.
She is basicaly fitted with just about every safety device we could reasonably afford.

Rig wise she has: Adjustable back stay; Slab reefed and lazy jacked fully battoned mainsail with 3 reef points plus cunningham; Main sheet, traveller and boom vang; Furling genoa; Cruising chute with bow sprit; Spinnaker sail; Spinnaker pole with downhaul control line run to clutches close to main winches on both sides of boat; Four self tailing winches, the main two being twin speed. Rudder steering with ST2000 autopilot.

Navigation instruments fitted: 9" Garmin chart plotter; Wind speed and direction; Depth reader, Water speed; Plastimo compass.

Autopilot is set up so it can either follow the chartplotters course or steer a fixed angle into/against the current wind. Very cool, when it works.

Anyways, sole point of above is that this boat has plenty of toys for peeps to learn how to use, hone existing skills on or just have a bit of extra fun playing around with :)

About us: 58 and 60. Common as muck. Both heavily into bantering and generaly having a larff.

Interested? Please drop me an email or gimme a bell!


Date Added: 27 Dec 2018 18:14