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Looking for experienced crew member in Plymouth



Skills / Experience Needed

  • Day Skipper

I am looking for someone who is an experienced sailor to accompany myself and sometimes teenage children around the Plymouth/South Coast area.

I am day skipper qualified but need a little more help on board when with crew with little or no experience. Somone who can help out, take the helm, basically just join in, but who is capable.

Must be friendly, have a good sense of humour. Happy for you to be one of the team and stay on board in your own cabin. 

Male or female is fine and if you have your own children or partner bring them along too. Pretty easy going...

Typically sailing would be weekends, perhaps long weekends occasionally, so Friday to Sunday.

please email 

ps. Friendlier tham the photo looks, but couldn't find one of me holding a fish or stroking a lion......

Date Added: 3 Sep 2019 17:17