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Crew/Mate wanted.  Any level of experience



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  • Nil. But Happy To Welcome All Levels.

Greetings, all.

I'm the owner of a Westerly Centaur based in Southampton, which I tend to sail single-handed.  But it's much easier and much more fun with somebody else on board - so I'm looking for crew. 

Me: I'm a Coastal Skipper (exam 2002) with getting on for 9000M behind me, and have sailed (mostly singlehanded) to Cornwall and back in the last two summers.  I know the Solent well, and as well as the rest of the south coast westward, have sailed in the Firth of Clyde, western Med and north Norway coast.  I used also to be a Dinghy Instructor and Powerboat Instructor.  I'm retired, so free to spend long periods on board, and live up north, so tend not to go down to the south coast just for the odd weekend.  Militant non-smoker too!

You: Any level of experience - I can teach you from scratch if necessary; any age (over 18 - I had nearly 30 years teaching kids, and have no wish to go back to it!); either sex; non-smoker.  If you have some experience and/or qualifications I can let you have a go at skippering, and help you develop the necessary skills.

The boat:  A 1975 Westerly Centaur.  26 feet long, GRP bilge keeler.  Built for comfort rather than speed and proved safe and reliable over the last few years sailing.  New standing rigging in 2016 and new engine in 2017.  Repainted 2019.

What we'd do: In 2020 I intend to stay in the region of the Solent (say Chichester to Weymouth) and visit a few places I haven't been or don't yet know well, including Keyhaven, Langstone and Chichester.  A trip round the Island is on the cards too - but not in the race!   I'd also be happy to fit in with your wishes if possible.

Date Added: 26 Nov 2019 13:10