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Good natured, experienced crew needed for trip to Norway.


Plymouth, UK

Skills / Experience Needed

  • Able To Cope With Longish Periods At Sea
  • Able To Steer A Good Course Consistently
  • At Least Basic Cooking Skills

Hello! I'm an experienced boat owner/skipper who this year is planning a trip from Plymouth to Norway, via the east coast of Ireland, the west coast of Scotland, and the Orkneys and the Shetland Isles. It obviously requires a passage acrosss the North Sea, probably to Bergen initially. The plan is then to cruise leisurely northwards. 
I intend to leave Plymouth in late May, and be away 2 months or so, leaving the boat in Norway at the end, to start again further north in 2021.


The boat is a Moody 35, well maintained and in good order. She attracts compliments wherever we go.

We are looking for crew who are able to stand a watch, steer a good course, and have experience of longish passages. We enjoy both sailing and good company, and would hope that anyone interested would be of like mind.

Date Added: 3 Jan 2020 18:07