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Crew wanted - experienced or not


Solent etc.

Skills / Experience Needed

  • All Levels Of Experience Welcomed But Not Necessary

My Westerly Centaur, Tyro, is cruising the south coast and currently (5th July) in Weymouth.  I'd be delighted to have crew on board for my next few days, heading into the Solent.  Then, in August, I'll be pootling in that area.

 You:   No experience necessary,  but if you have some,  that'd be great (but cooking and affability are more important).  I can (unofficially) teach you what you need to know, up to Dazed Kipper and possibly a bit more.  Non-smokers only.  


Me: Coastal Skipper since 2002 (iirc), ex dinghy and power boat instructor.  Sailed getting on for 10 000 M over the years, mostly in and around the Solent, and a couple of trips to Cornwall and back. 

Boat: 1975 Westerly Centaur,  a solidly built and very popular bilge keel 26' sloop designed by Jack Giles. Everything works but various cosmetic things need doing. Safe,  roomy, easy to sail.

Date Added: 5 Jul 2021 15:08