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29 Mar 2015 21:49

Rent +Share costs

This might be a long shoot but I'll try anyway as that's the attitude we must have in life I believe .
I have pass my Certificate of Competency (ICC) for operators of pleasure craft to sail boats under 24m in 2013. Despite having a dingy as a child by no means I'm a particular experienced sailor although excellent swimmer and reasonable diver.
 I have take three flotillas holidays in croatia during my training and now hoping to find a boat owner planning to be in the Mediterranean during the summer which is willing to consider to hire a space in their boat for my 20 years only son and I to share all duties and extra coats during the expensive high season.
My son is in his second year of law school back in Brazil and is very well educated young man and I 40 years old running a busy swimming school in London called Swimway.
Ideal dates would be week WC 20th July for a week or so.
If you are planning to be in the med this summer and the above don't sound like a crazy idea please be in touch .
You can find more about me on www.swimway.co.uk.
Once again I happy to pay to be in the boat, share all cost during or stay as I understand is pick of the summer season.
Kind Regards,
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