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9 Jun 2021 08:54

Did you stay or did you go?

I've just joined this site, I've let two owners know about my availability and don't yet have a reply from either (several days for one, overnight only for the other) this is certainly the sort of thing I'd be happy to help with though I'm no expert with the type of boat you have...

8 Oct 2020 23:34

Help needed to Sail across channel from poole over to france

Hi am looking for some one with some experience (as being I not got much experience myself at all) to sail my 33foot wooden sketch rigged sail boat from poole across the channel to france with you hopefully showing and teaching me hopefully as willing to listen and do anything you tell me including making brews an such as would like go asap before lockdown my stop us as I want cruise an explore their through to the med over time as I be living on boat and I will pay your return fare maybe you might want stay bit longer for a little holiday cruising around there which be ok with me I look forward to any replies which I hope there is 

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