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PBO Facebook

22 May 2013 16:22

Boat Buddys appeared on the Facebook pages of Practical Boat Owner, Yachting World, Yachting Monthly, Yachting and Boating World, Motor Boats Monthly and Motor Boat and Yachting. 

Lots of people looked at our website as a result, which was great, and lots of new Owners and Buddys registered. Thank you all, because boatbuddys.co.uk is all about getting Boat Owners and Buddys together.

Now you are registered please put an advertisement on, it is free and you will only be contacted by registered and upgraded members, so no need to fend off boarders. Remember they may not have advertised and until you advertise they like everyone else will have no knowledge of you; and you may be just the person they are looking for.





Motor Boat and Yachting- 849 views

Practical Boat Owner- 327 views

Boat Buddys on PBO Facebook Page

13 May 2013 16:40

Boat Buddys is to appear on Practical Boat Owners and associated magazines Facebook page next Monday at 5.0pm. This is a new idea by PBO and hopefully with bring Boat Buddys some new members.

Boat Buddy Leaflets ( postcard size )

29 Apr 2013 11:03

We have had some postcard sized leaflets printed and would really appreciate your help in distributing them around boat owners any other interested parties in marinas, sailing clubs etc. If you can manage 50+ We will send you a Boat Buddys teeshirt. We have 2 sorts, the 2 sailors and the laid back motor cruiser. Thanks Pete

The Jolly Fisherman

27 Apr 2013 14:45

I have just noticed that the Jolly Fisherman from Skegness have like Boat Buddys on Facebook. What a fine chap!

If you like Boat Buddys and are on Facebook please share us. We want more Boats and Buddys and need your help. Thanks, Mark

Beaulieu Boatjumble

12 Apr 2013 15:10

Is anyone going to the Beaulieu Boatjumble on the 28th. If you are and you are willing to hand out some Boat Buddy leaflets, please get in touch. We can't afford to pay you, but we will send you a tee shirt. Thanks Pete

More Advertisers Needed

3 Apr 2013 10:45

There are now well over 100 people registered with Boat Buddys. That's 100+ people interested in looking for a Buddy or being a Boat Buddy, and that's great. The problem is that whilst you can see the advertisers on the site, nobody can see you!

Please put an advert on - Tell us about yourself - What you are looking for.

It's all out there and this site is all about putting people in touch with one another, so come on Skipper, Ahoy there Boat Buddys. Summer's coming, er, hopefully, let's get those boats sorted out and on the water.


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