If It Floats It's A Boat

Terms & Conditions

Boat Buddys is an introduction company. Boat Owners or potential Boat Buddys provide personal details and contact information at their discretion. This information can be viewed by members with an upgraded account. The information is not shared or passed on to any other third party.

The responsibility for the accuracy of this information lies with the member providing it. Boat Buddys does in no way guarantee or imply that such information is accurate. It is up to the individuals concerned to satisfy themselves with the credentials of the other.

The arrangements that members make is a matter for themselves. Boat Buddys is not responsible for the legitimacy of any agreements reached, nor any insurance inplications.

Boat Buddys is not responsible for any disputes arising between members, or any accidents occuring.

Boat Buddys is not responsible for the accuracy of advertisements placed. As this information can be uploaded by members of the public Boat Buddys has no prior knowledge of the content of such advertisements. They are, however monitored and if the content is clearly misleading or offensive, they will be removed.

Boat Buddys is not responsible for the forum content. In this case only members can upload forum content, and we would hope that such content is reasonable. It maybe however, opinion, rather than fact and that should be taken into account when reading such content. The forum is monitored and if the content is clearly misleading or offensive, it will be removed.

Membership, which allows full access to information contained on the site, personal details of members advertising for Boat Owners or Boat Buddys and posting on the forum is for a period of 12 months. It can be cancelled by the member on request at any time, and their personal details removed. Boat Buddys reserve the right to cancel membership, should this prove necessary. This action is unlikely and would be the result of misusing the site, posting offensive material etc.

Members are requested to update their personal deatils should they change at any time, irrespective of whether they are advertising at the time or not.

Advertisements for Boat Owners or Boat Buddys shall not contain contact information in the description. The purpose of keeping this information out of the public domain and only available to members is two fold. Firstly to ensure that the privacy of the advertiser is maintained. The only contacts allowed are from registered full members, i.e genuine enquires. The second consideration is commercial. It would not be possible to operate the site without membership fees. Any advertisements containing contact information within the description will therefore be removed.

Advertisers shall only place advertisements on this site on their own behalf and not for the benefit of a third party.